Talk Slides

Speaker: Harald Ellers (Allegheny College)
Title: The centralizer of a subgroup in a group algebra

Speaker: Rosa Orellana (Dartmouth College)
Title: Stability of the Kronecker Coefficients

Speaker: Yaacov Kopeliovich (MEAG NY)
Title: Representations of Symmetric groups and Jacobians of cyclic covers of the CP1

Speaker: Artem Dudko (University of Toronto)
Title: On characters of inductive limits of symmetric groups

Speaker: James Sellers (Penn State University)
Title: Arithmetic Properties for t-Core Partitions

Speaker: Jean-Baptiste Gramain (University of Paris)
Title: On hooks and bars in partitions

Speaker: Dave Hemmer (SUNY Buffalo)
Title: Low Degree Cohomology and Frobenius Twists
for Symmetric Group Modules

Speaker: Matthew Fayers (Queen Mary University of London)
Title: The Mullineux map

Speaker: Karl Mahlburg (Louisiana State University)
Title: Mock modular forms and coefficient asymptotics
for characters of affine Lie superalgebras

Speaker: Amanda Folsom (Yale University)
Title: Mock modular forms and characters of Kac-Wakimoto

Speaker: JP Cossey (University of Akron)
Title: Alperin weights of the symmetric group

Speaker: Christopher Hanusa (Queens College, CUNY)
Title: Combinatorial interpretations in affine Coxeter groups of types B, C, and D

Speaker: John Enyang (University of Melbourne)
Title: A seminormal form for partition algebras

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