Conference Materials

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Schedule of talks
Conference poster
Hotel Information and Transportation
Talk Slides (and conference photo)

Registration Fee:
Faculty: $30
Students: Free

Plenary Speakers:
Andrei Okounkov on Friday, September 9, 2011 from 3:20-4:20pm
John Conway on Friday, September 9, 2011 from 4:30-5:30pm

Scientific Progam and Explanation

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NYSY is dedicated to the exchange of information in the study of the symmetric groups and the intersecting fields that meet there: ordinary and modular representation theory (of the symmetric, alternating and covering groups), Hecke and graded algebras, partition theory, modular forms and combinatorics. NYSY comes at a pivotal time when there have been some exciting developments in representation theory, geometry, combinatorics and related algebras. This workshop will bring together experts and junior researchers in the areas around the study of the symmetric group and will serve as a starting point for an ongoing conversation.

Invited Speakers

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September 8-9, 2011

Graduate Center, City University of New York

For more information, contact: Dr. Rishi Nath (CUNY-York College) at or

Plenary Speakers:
John Conway (Princeton University)
Andrei Okounkov (Columbia University)

Other invited speakers
Matt Fayers (University of London)
James Sellers (Penn State University)
Dave Hemmer (SUNY- Buffalo)
Jean-Baptiste Gramain (University of Paris)
John Enyang (University of Melbourne)
Amanda Folsom (Yale University)
Harald Ellers (Allegheny College)
Karl Mahlburg (Princeton University)
Rosa Orellana (Dartmouth College)
Christopher Hanusa (CUNY-Queens College)
JP Cossey (University of Akron)
Yaacov Kopeliovich (MEAG NY)
Artem Dudko (University of Toronto)

Local Organizers:
Rishi Nath (CUNY-York College)
Christopher Hanusa (CUNY-Queens College)
Alex Ryba (CUNY-Graduate Center/Queens College)

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